A favorite in the UK, Ribena is a fruit juice beverage beloved by generations of consumers since it was first released in 1938. In Singapore, Ribena is a household name that’s often used synonymously with blackcurrant juice, given its distinctive blackcurrant flavour. Its name was derived from the Latin word for blackcurrants, ‘Ribes Nigrum’. Before it became the fruit juice drink everyone loves today, it was known as a source of Vitamin C for children.

Ribena contains European Blackcurrant extracts, making it the tastier and preferred option among the many fruit juice drinks in Singapore.

Available in both cordials and ready to drink formats like combi packs, cheerpacks, PET bottles & cans – Ribena can be enjoyed in varied ways such as popsicles, smoothies, or with fruits. Try it today!

Ribena Blackcurrant

The signature blackcurrant flavour that has been loved for generations.

Ribena Blackcurrant Less Sweet

Comes with less sugar, but with the same amazing taste cherished by everyone.

Ribena Simply Strawberry

Packs a delightful burst of delicious, juicy strawberry flavor in every sip.

Ribena Jelly

The familiar taste of Ribena now comes in a jelly format!

Ribena Lightly Sparkling

This slightly-fizzy take on the Ribena is sure to turn your ordinary day into an extraordinary one.

Ribena LIGHT

Perfect for those who like to enjoy 100% Ribena taste with 50% less sugar.

Ribena Pastilles

Ribena’s amazing taste, in the form of a chewy candy packed with Vitamin C. Comes in Blackcurrant, Mixed Berries and Peach flavours.